Invited by SAIMI to deliver a talk and proposal for African ICH project funded by AUDA and Thabo Mbeki Institute. The presentation was on Marine Resource Sustainability Challenges in Southern Africa and the West Indian Ocean “Promoting the interface between ocean science,
society, and policy for sustainable blue economies in Africa”.
Invited by ICOMOS to present at the Online Side Event at the UN Water Conference 2023 on “Learning from the Science of the past to Inform the Science of the Future”.
Invited by Istanbul University to present a keynote lecture for the International Conference on Data Management, Digitization and Economic Practices in Preserving and Promoting Cultural Heritage.
Professor Rose Boswell is the Leader of the Blue Values Journey Project. She is a renowned anthropologist and feminist with a passion for human diversity, social justice, and gender equality. With over 20 years of experience in the field of anthropology, she has conducted extensive research on racism, heritage, tourism, and gender in the Indian Ocean region, including Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, South Africa, and Zanzibar.
Research Chair in Ocean Cultures and Heritage, Professor Rose Boswell, will attend a Seas and Oceans Health conference in Italy in the first week of June.

Dr Elena Perez-Alvaro, a researcher for the Chair in Ocean Cultures and Heritage at Mandela University, has been invited to attend the 2022 United Nations Ocean Conference, to take place in June/July in Lisbon, Portugal.