1 Invited by ICOMOS. UN Water Conference 2023. Online Side Event "Learning from the Science of the Past to Inform the Science of the Future". March 2023
2 Scholarly Residency Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio, Italy April 2023
3 Invited by SAIMI to deliver Keynote speech for the African Maritime Leadership Conference. 24-26 May 2023
4 Presented two in person Masterclasses, University of Namibia on cultural heritage research in Africa. 9 August 2023
5 Invited by SAIMI to deliver a talk at the Regional Workshop: Marine Resource Sustainability Challenges in Southern Africa and the West Indian Ocean “Promoting the interface between ocean science, society, and policy for sustainable blue economies in Africa”
6 Invited by Istanbul University to present a virtual keynote lecture for the International Conference on Data Management, Digitization and Economic Practices in Preserving & Promoting Cultural Heritage – paper entitled: Digital Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage Conservation in the Zamani Project, Africa. DEPCH2023. 28 July 2023.
7 Invited by the Zamani Project (UCT and Berkeley) to review the Digital heritage Project in Africa. July 2023.
8 Implementation of the NRF Ocean Cultures and Heritage and Global Ocean Accounting Waterways International Conference planned for 22-23 September 2023.
9 Invited by the South Africa/Namibia Business Forum in Windhoek, October 2023 to present the Human Oceans Exhibition to SA/NA business partners.
10 Invited by the CNRS, Paris, France February 2024. To present on The Role of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Resilience in a time of Climate Change: The Case of Seychelles.
11 Invited by African Studies Centre, Leiden, Netherlands, April 2024 to present on the Blue Values Journey Project and Research on coastal communities in South Africa.
12 Invited by ICOMOS-ICUCH, satellite event of the Ocean Decade Conference to present on Human Oceans: Where the Past Guides the future.
13 Invited by KartyĆ© Lib MPOI, Reunion Island April 2024. To present on ‘Surreal Time in Southern Africa And Time Management in the Indian Ocean Diaspora’.
14 Invited by KLU Leuven, Belgium, April 2024, to present two masterclasses on cultural heritage management in Africa.
15 Invited by NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE, May 2024, to participate in the One Ocean Heritage specialist workshop at the Dhakira Centre for Heritage Studies.
16 Conference Panel accepted for the Anthropology and Education conference at the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), London, June 2024.
17 Conference presentation accepted for the World Biodiversity Conference at Davos, Switzerland, June 2024.
18 Conference presentation accepted for the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), July 2024.

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