Zanele Hartmann and Rose Boswell

In Undersea, Rachel Carson once said: Who has known the sea, neither you nor I with our earth bound senses ( To sense this world of waters known to the creatures of the sea we must shed our human perceptions of length and breadth and time and place, and enter vicariously into a universe of all-pervading water (Rachel Carson’s undersea, republished in the 1937 September issue of the Atlantic). 

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Jessica Thornton and Zanele Hartmann

“Healing in African indigenous cultures is a corporate matter involving the totality of the person, family and community” (Olademo, 2013: 53). In many cultures the sea embodies meaning, healing and identity. 

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Bayanda Laqwela, Athabile Xuba, and Zanele Hartmann

To address the unjust and exclusionary nature of mining/production in South Africa, the government introduced a Social Labour plan through the Mineral and Petroleum Resource Development Act 28 of 2002 (MPRDA). 
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Bayanda Laqwela and Athabile Xuba

When thinking about art, we are more likely to think of creativity, performance, theatre, artists, etc. Likewise, when thinking about sustainability, we are more likely to think of sustainable development and how we can use the present resources in a manner that will not disadvantage the next generations. However, we rarely think of these two concepts in relational terms. Despite our disjunctive thinking about these terms, they have a critical interconnectedness.

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Rose Boswell , Sharon Gabie, and Jennalee Goeda

It’s Ash Wednesday, Lent has started so Christian people will commemorate the resurrection of Christ in 40 days from Valentine’s Day 2024.

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